I'm Jan Kotrba

Web Developer

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Hello, that's me!

I'm a big fan of computers, since primary school. My first programming experience was on primary school,
but not in class. At home, where I had time to play and study. Everything started with PHP scripts and notepad.
I wanted to learn more. It was awesome! My career direction was clear.

After few years of teenage and programming till morning..

I think that I've learned a lot by myself, but there is still a lot of things that I do not know well and I want to master them. My current challenge is Angular2. Cool, javascript is not useless.

Now I live in Zlín, Czech Republic and I work at B2A Software Development. Our team is focused on the concept of Industry 4.0 and implementation Apple technologies into manufacturing. I'm working there primary as Lead Angular2 Developer, but some PHP or Swift task is also greeted.

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How do I work? Fast & Smart

New Technologies

It's important to stay up-to-date with today technologies. One of them is Angular2, which is effective and It's easy to bring cool things alive with it.


Without good idea, there's nothing to code or design. I love path from simple idea on paper, to the final product.

Powerful Tools

There's no time to waste time. I really like powerful IDEs from JetBrains. They solve problems and simplify everyday work

I love my work, but..

There's no time for other projects at the moment, Sorry.

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